Domestic Relations, Separation/Divorce

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                                                                                                Cooperative Approach

  • Unlike arbitration, where a third party makes the decisions for the disputing parties, Mediation assures ALL decision making is done by the disputing parties.  The Mediator, (a neutral third party) controls the process, but the disputing parties are in control of the choices agreed to.
  • The initial investment in mediation is minuscule when compared to retainer fees required for legal / attorney engagements.
  • Mediation is a joint cooperative problem solving process.  Both disputing parties must be willing to participate.  Participants need not be friendly towards each other, but must be willing to work together to find solutions that are fair.  In matters of separation and divorce ? fair means meeting the needs of the children.
  • Mediation is NOT a legal service. 
  • Mediation can be stopped at anytime.